‘Lights of Love’ by Judy Davies
‘Names remembered, lives recalling’ by Judy Davies
‘The Day of our Epiphany’ by Tom Gordon
‘We bring our thanks’ by Judy Davies
‘We come with thanks to celebrate’ by Judy Davies


‘Sometimes I need…’ by Dawn Allan
‘When it’s our time’ by Dawn Allan
‘When the past crowds in’ by Dawn Allan


‘And what do you do?’ by David Buck
‘All in the end is harvest’ by Agnes Whitaker, submitted by Dawn Allan
‘Autumn house-cleaning’ by Milton Crum
‘Downsizing’ by Milton Crum
‘Faces’ by David Buck
‘Honest words’ by David Buck
‘Hospice communion’ by David Buck
Hospice poetry selection – 2013 Conference workshop
‘No poetry’ by David Buck
‘Not speaking of God’ by David Buck
‘Some day, life will get better’ by Larry S. Chengges, submitted by Dawn Allan
‘The Mask’ by Dianna Brendle, submitted by David Vonberg
‘The Sunday after Ascension’ by David Lyall, submitted by Andy Edmeads
‘This time’ by David Buck
‘When things don’t fit’ and other poems by David Buck