Hymns, Prayers and Poetry


'The Day of our Epiphany' (Tom Gordon)[read]
'Lights of Love' (Judy Davies)[read]
'Names remembered, lives recalling' (Judy Davies)[read]
'We bring our thanks' (Judy Davies)[read]
'We come with thanks to celebrate' (Judy Davies)[read]


'When the past crowds in' (Dawn Allan)[read]
'When it's our time' (Dawn Allan)[read]
'Sometimes I need...' (Dawn Allan)[read]


'All in the end is harvest' (Agnes Whitaker, submitted by Dawn Allan)[read]
'Autumn house-cleaning' (Milton Crum)[read]
'Downsizing' (Milton Crum)[read]
'The Mask' (Dianna Brendle, submitted by David Vonberg) [read]
'Some day, life will get better' (Larry S. Chengges, submitted by Dawn Allan)[read]
'The Sunday after Ascension' (David Lyall, submitted by Andy Edmeads)[read]
Hospice poetry selection - 2013 Conference workshop[read]
'And what do you do?' (David Buck)[read]
'Faces' (David Buck)[read]
'Honest words' (David Buck)[read]
'Hospice communion' (David Buck)[read]
'No poetry' (David Buck)[read]
'Not speaking of God' (David Buck)[read]
'Shared loss' (David Buck)[read]
'This time' (David Buck)[read]
'When things don't fit' and other poems (David Buck)[read]