Audio-Visual Resources


Graham Ogilvie Cartoons 1[view]
Graham Ogilvie Cartoons 2[view]
Graham Ogilvie Cartoons 3[view]


'The Long Goodbye' (26 minutes).
Produced by Scotland’s ‘Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief’ project in 2012.
Available on YouTube.
Palliative care: meeting local and global challenges.
Professor M. Fallon & Dr E. Grant (2012)
‘Happy endings: perspectives on dying well’ (45 minutes).
Springfilm Productions (2008).
Preview available on Vimeo.
'Time to Care' (9 minutes).
This dramatization was produced in 2004 as part of Tesco's sponsorship of Help the Hospices.
Available on YouTube.
Chantal Fowler resource CD[details]