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2014 to 2016

March 2016 Health Care’s Undiscovered Assets (Chaplains) Huffington Post Read article
February 2016 The most common regrets of the dying, according to a palliative care nurse. The Independent. [read]
February 2016 Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me. New York Times. [read]
October 2015 Is the UK really the best place in the world to die? The Read article
October 2015 UK end-of-life care 'best in world' BBC News Read article
October 2015 Recent speeches delivered by the Rt Revd James Newcome, Bishop of Carlisle, in the house of Lords Transcript Read article
September 2015 Laws banning legal highs could stop cathedrals using incense Chronicle Live Read article
September 2015 Religion rarely part of ICU conversation Reuters Read article
August 2015 A Point of View: Does atheism have to be anti-religious? BBC News Read article
August 2015 How relevant is spirituality to patient-centred care? The Nursing Times Read article
August 2015 At a Christian funeral all are equal before God – even Cilla Black The Guardian Read article
July 2015 Parliamentary replies to the Bishop of Bristol about the future of hospital chaplaincy and palliative care. Transcript Read article
July 2015 Safeguarding, the C of E and deposition from orders Law and Religion Read article
May 2015 Day in the life of… As hospital chaplains we support staff as well as patients. The Guardian Read article
March 2015 A Very Modern Ministry: Chaplaincy in the UK. Theos / BBC [download]
March 2015 A Very Modern Ministry: Chaplaincy in the UK. Theos [download]
January 2015 Rowan Williams: I’m preparing for my final years The Telegraph Read article
December 2014 Non-believers push for legal recognition of humanist weddings The Guardian Read article
December 2014 Christmas traditions dying out because we are too busy The Telegraph Read article
December 2014 Millions to feel isolated over Christmas with 400,000 pensioners dreading being alone The Independent Read article
December 2014 Doctors can ignore 'deeply-held views' of two Jehovah's Witnesses to treat their burns victim son The Telegraph Read article
November 2014 New WHO safe and dignified burial protocol - key to reducing Ebola transmission WHO Media Centre Read article
November 2014 Let us give thanks, Black Friday has nothing to do with religion The Guardian Read article
November 2014 Our secular salvation myth distances us from reality The Guardian Read article
November 2014 Does religion really cause war – and do atheists have something to answer for? Huffington Post Read article
November 2014 Christians and mental health: 'This has nothing to with whether I believe in Jesus' The Guardian Read article
November 2014 The gods of harsh things The Guardian Read article
October 2014 Science says lasting relationships come down to two basic traits. Business Insider Read article
October 2014 Noel Richards: The 90s worship songs I don't think we should bring back. Christian Today Read article
October 2014 Uncertain future for Unite hero: Unite’s hero Buddhist monk faces ‘legal limbo’ in Burma Unite Live Read article
October 2014 Notes From a Party Conference Christians in politics Read article
October 2014 The new healthcare: spiritual counseling to keep hospital bills lower The Guardian Read article
July 2014 Carey: I've changed my mind on right to die: On eve of Lords debate, ex-Archbishop dramatically backs assisted death law. The Daily Mail Read article
July 2014 Why Lord Carey is so desperately wrong about legalising assisted suicide.
Christian Medical Comment.
Private blog Read article
July 2014 Lord Carey is wrong (and not for the first time). Blog Read article
July 2014 29 ways to take control of your social media. The Guardian Read article
June 2014 Nine reasons people aren’t singing in worship NC Baptist Read article
June 2014 Major consultation launched on Britain’s religious makeup The Tablet Read article
June 2014 Centenarians 'outliving diseases of old age' BBC News Read article
May 2014 Most doctors who were terminally ill would avoid aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy – despite recommending it to their patients The Daily Mail Read article
May 2014 A Point of View: Is it better to be religious than spiritual? BBC News Read article
May 2014 Swiss group to allow assisted dying for elderly who are not terminally ill The Guardian Read article
May 2014 Radio 4 Thought for the Day, 19 May 2014, Clifford Longley BBC Radio 4 Read article
February 2014 Palliative sedation for existential suffering? Handzo Read article
February 2014 I conduct weddings on trains. A day in the life of one of Britain's 22 railway chaplains The Telegraph Read article
February 2014 An Amazing Village Designed Just For People With Dementia. Read article
January 2014 DIY funerals: from Coronation Street to Co Down The Irish Times Read article
January 2014 Unexpected results from an unexpected resolution Huffington Post Read article
January 2014 Common emotions and themes of nightmares and bad dreams revealed in study Huffington Post Read article
January 2014 Coffee mornings set up for recently bereaved residents in Romford The Enquirer Read article
January 2014 Hospice nurses give a special gift at Christmas Weston Mercury Read article
January 2014 Church congregations – readers’ stories: why it’s still important to be a Christian The Guardian Read article
January 2014 Religion forms a buffer against workplace stress The Telegraph Read article