Short academic articles, letters and transcripts, written by our members or submitted to us.


Milton Crum (2016) 'Decrepitude vs Death' [download]
Jacki Thomas (2016 Author MS) 'Avoiding the modern-day inquisition' [download]


Milton Crum (2015) 'Thoughts about 'Waiting my turn'' [download]
Milton Crum (2015) 'Waiting my turn'. [download]
Ben Ryan (2015) 'A Very Modern Ministry – Chaplaincy in the UK' [download]
Milton Crum (2015) 'Bereavement'. [read]


California State University Institute for Palliative Care & HealthCare Chaplaincy Network (2014) 'Caring for the Human Spirit in 2014: A collection of educational articles & professional guidance for chaplains.' [read]
Milton Crum (2014) 'I'm Frail.' [read]
The HealthCare Chaplaincy Network (2014) Caring for the Human Spirit magazine [read]
Holly Gaudette (2014) 'Diagnosis: Meaning Fatigue.' [read]
Chris Swift (2014) '11th Norman Autton Memorial Lecture.' [read]


Milton Crum (2013) 'I'm Old.' [read]
Judy Davies (2013) 'If we change the law, what follows?' [read]
Abigail Zuger (2013) 'Don’t do something; just sit there.' [read]


Adrian Andreescu (2012) 'Rethinking prayer and health research: An exploratory inquiry on prayer's psychological dimension.' [read]
BBC Two (2012) 'Chaplains: Angels of Mersey.'
Documentary following hospital and university chaplains in Liverpool. Broadcast 26 March 2012 at 8.00pm
M Fallon & E Grant (2012) 'Palliative Care: meeting local and global challenges.'
L'Arche Community (2012) 'Celebrating life in the face of death.'
Links to a downloadable booklet about supporting people with an intellectual disability through loss and bereavement.
Nursing Standard (2012) 'Why spirituality is essential for nurses.' Exchange of letters. [read]
Charles Radburn (2012) 'Does the relational language of spirituality hold the key for meaningful multidisciplinary working in palliative care?' [read]


Milton Crum (2011) 'OKness and Self-esteem.' [read]
Andy Edmeads (2011) 'Watch with me - a chaplain's perspective.' [read]
Robert Mundle (2011) 'Poetry as a bridge of love and solidarity in palliative care.' [read]
Robert Mundle (2011) 'Sacramental Objects.' [read]
Robert Mundle (2011) 'The spiritual strength story in End of Life Care: two case studies .' [read]
NCPC (2011) 'Spiritual Support Collated - what does spiritual support mean to you?' Inside Palliative Care 16, p25ff. [read]
NCPC (2011) 'Spiritual Support Collated.' Cards. [read]

2010 and earlier

Lance Blake (2010) 'Home Sweet Home.' [read]
Milton Crum (2010) 'Enduring significance in my faith.' [read]
Judy Davies (2010) 'No abiding city: where do healthcare chaplains belong, and where are they heading?' Epworth Review, 37 (4). Reproduced by permission. Special chaplaincy edition: Methodist chaplains reflect on their role. [read]
Brendan McCarthy (2010) 'Why the NHS needs chaplains.' [read]
Brendan McCarthy (2010) 'Medical ethics: a Christian perspective.' [read]