ERICH, the European Research Institute for Chaplaincy in Healthcare, works closely with the European Network of Healtcare Chaplains, which the AHPCC is part of. It promotes Spiritual Care research throughout Europe.
You can download the latest ERICH Newsletter here.

Current Research

At present, several UK hospices are contributing to research into the Specialist Spiritual Care Performance-Related Outcome Measure (PROM) Project, which seeks to provide a validated tool capable of demonstrating the effectiveness of chaplaincy interventions. This is a major international research project that several of our members are involved with, and Austyn Snowden, one of the lead researchers will be bringing us up to date with its progress at our annual conference.
ERICH is involved with this, as are several health authorities. You can access more in-depth PROM Information here.

Research requests, and information about individual ongoing projects.

Ongoing Research
Author(s)Title or SubjectInformationLinksTime frame
Currently, there is no ongoing individual research that our members are involved withThis will outline requests, and the ways in which members are asked to help, or provide informationThis will give the proposed date of publication. Information about the project will continue to be displayed for a further six months