Media Releases

July to December 2011
December 2011 Why 2012 will be a big year for the NHS [read article]
December 2011 Huge rise in sick going back to hospital within a month of release [read article]
December 2011 Elderly people face rising cost of council services [read article]
December 2011 One in four hospitals patients 'should be at home' [read article]
December 2011 Palliative care workforce crisis [read article]
December 2011 We've got Christmas wrong, think tank reveals [read article]
December 2011 BBC Radio 4: Prof Rob George on truth-telling [read article]
November 2011 Help the Hospices launches Commission into the Future of Hospice Care [read article]
November 2011 Cancer survival is six times longer than 1970s [read article]
November 2011 The Archbishop of York in House of Lords on ‘From Illness to Wellness’ (2011) [read article]
October 2011 Bow Group think tank publish paper on the future of hospice care [read article]
October 2011 Launch of national bereavement survey [read article]
October 2011 Briefing paper written by Revd Dr Brendan McCarthy (Church of England National Adviser on Medical Ethics and Health and Social Care Policy) for the second reading of the Health and Social Care Bill in the Lords. [read article]
October 2011 Department of Health's £40 million funding makes a real difference to hospices [read article]
October 2011 Hospices reveal most common special requests from patients [read article]
October 2011 Survivors of cancer still need care: study [read article]
October 2011 New study finds 42% of countries have no provision for palliative care [read article]
September 2011 Muslim chaplains connect communities to public bodies [read article]
September 2011 Learn more about Alzheimer's [read article]
September 2011 Humanists call for equal marriage laws for all [read article]
September 2011 Doctors fear monitoring of private beliefs as 'praying GP' faces hearing [read article]
September 2011 MPs debate provision of hydration and nutrition for those at the end of life [read article]
September 2011 Health choirs: let's have singing on prescription [read article]
August 2011 NHS doctors 'to examine sick patients over Skype' [read article]
August 2011 NCPC publish report on getting ‘end of life care right first time’. [read article]
August 2011 Playing musical instruments can help adults overcome depression [read article]
August 2011 'Heroes' scheme honours work of hospice volunteers [read article]
August 2011 Doing battle with cancer, retired hospital chaplain finds strength in faith. [read article]
August 2011 Assisted dying: physicians and metaphysicians. [read article]
August 2011 Welsh chat in hospital to improve lives of older patients. [read article]
August 2011 New case to test rules on assisted dying in UK [read article]
August 2011 What should we expect of the NHS? [read article]
July 2011 Is Godlessness Dooming Britain? [read article]
July 2011 Mix and match secularism [read article]
July 2011 Ageing Church of England will be dead in 20 years [read article]
July 2011 Society has forgotten ‘art of dying’, says Bishop [read article]
July 2011 Cuts could cost £1m in theological training [read article]
July 2011 Atheist group wants to stop World Trade Center cross [read article]
July 2011 Surprise, surprise…Cameron’s £2m a year ‘happiness survey’ discovers what we all knew [read article]