Key Publications

This section seeks to provide an up-to-date list of publications from Government, NHS, Palliative Care, Professional and Religious bodies.


Public Health England (2016) Faith at end of life: A resource for professionals, providers and commissioners working in communities. [download]


Archbishop's Council (2015) Guidance for Church of England Hospital Chaplains in relation to Funeral Services and Church of England Parochial Fees.[Guidance] [FAQs][Letter]
Hospice UK (2015) Care After Death: Guidance for staff responsible for care after death (2nd ed.)[download]
NCPC (2015) Every moment counts[read]
NCPC (2015) What to expect when someone important to you is dying[download]
NHS (2015) Chaplaincy Guidelines 2015: Promoting Excellence in Pastoral, Spiritual & Religious Care[download]

2014 Publications (undated) A reference centre for all NHS departmental publications.[download]
L\'Arche (2014) 'Celebrating life in the face of death'.[link on page]
National End of Life Care, Dying Matters, University of Nottingham (2014) 'Planning for your future care'[details][document]


Brendan McCarthy (2013) Summary of recent parliamentary statements on healthcare chaplaincy.[download]


DoH (2012) irst national VOICES survey of bereaved people: key findings report[download]
NCPC (2012) 'Commissioning Guidance for Specialist Palliative Care: Helping to deliver commissioning objectives'[download]
NHS (2012) The route to success in end of life care - achieving quality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people[download]
SPPC (2012) 'Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief' information leaflets[download]


Archbishop of York (2011) 'From Illness to Wellness' House of Lords speech.[download]
DoH (2011) Bereavement care services: a synthesis of the literature[download]
DoH (2011) Spiritual Care at the End of Life: a systematic review of the literature[download]
Jain Spiritual Care (2011) Jainism and Care for Jain Patients (to complement 'A Multi-faith Resource for Healthcare Staff')[download]
NHS (2011) Guidance for staff responsible for care after death[download]
NICE (2011) Quality Standards for End of Life care.[download]
RCN (2011) 'Spirituality in Nursing Care - a pocket guide.'
RCN (2011) 'Spirituality in Nursing Care - a pocket guide. ' - Description
[read description]
Scot Gov (2011) Shaping Bereavement Care.[download]

2010 and earlier

NES (2010) Spiritual Care Matters, an introductory resource for all NHS Scotland staff[download]
DoH (2008) End of life care strategy - promoting high quality care for all adults at the end of life (multiple documents)[download]
NES (2008) Religion and Belief Matter - an information resource for healthcare staff[download]
Scot Gov (2008) Living and Dying Well - a national action plan for palliative and end of life care in Scotland.[download]
NES (2007) A Multi-faith Resource for Healthcare Staff[download]
NICE (2004) Improving Supportive and Palliative Care for Adults with Cancer.[download]
NHS (2003 and updates) Chaplaincy Collaboratives - Caring for the Spirit.[download]
Scot Gov (2002) Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy.[download]