This section provides information for prospective employers.

The Job Descriptions and Person Specifications were contributed by individual hospices, and provide a starting-point to tailor to your own situation. The Association has not yet developed a model example to offer.

Panel of Health Care Chaplaincy Appointment Advisers.

[Panel of Health Care Chaplaincy Appointment Advisers]
In 2011, the NHS introduced the Panel of Healthcare Chaplaincy Appointment Advisers to guide the appointment of healthcare chaplains within NHS England and Wales.
From October 1st, 2015, Tony Kyriakides-Yeldham will take over from Chris Swift as Co-ordinator of the Professional Advisers & Supportive Review Development Officer. Tony is an experienced NHS chaplain, now working for Marie Curie and also studying for his PhD.

For information about Healthcare Chaplaincy Appointments see:
Please NB that the advisers now have a new e-mail account,, which should be used to request an adviser from now on. This has replaced the previous address which no longer exists.

The Advisers scheme doesn’t yet apply to independent hospices and it is unclear how far it applies outside England and Wales. Until palliative care chaplain advisers become available through this structure, our advice is to continue to use AHPCC members with specialist palliative care experience in a consultative capacity in the appointments procedure, as per the AHPCC Guidelines (2013).

Job Descriptions

Chaplain (includes employee specification matching form[download..]
Chaplain/Spiritual Care Co-ordinator[download..]
Hospice Chaplain[download..]

Person Specifications

Chaplain/Spiritual Care Co-ordinator[download]
Hospice Chaplain - Palliative Care[download]

Interview Questions.

[Sample Questions]
Interviews seek to establish the candidates’ understanding of their role within a palliative care multi-disciplinary team. These sample questions and scenarios offer a selection of examples that could be used.

Pay Scales.

NHS Healthcare Chaplains are paid on four pay bands. Most hospices adopt NHS Agenda For Change pay, terms and conditions. [for more information]

Faith-related issues in Employment Law.

[ACAS (2010) Religion or Belief in the Workplace]
While it goes wider than chaplaincy recruitment, please note this guidance to current legislation covering faith-related issues in employment law.

As this section is incomplete, please address any questions or comments direct to the Secretary or President.