From the President of the Association

Karen Murphy

Dear Friends,

My sincere apologies that this letter is so delayed following the annual conference in May. As many of you are aware, I was unable to attend this year following my surgery for breast cancer. It was very disappointing to miss the conference which sounds as if it measured up to the usual high standard throughout. My thanks go to the executive team for their support and organisation, as well as to all who participated. The feedback and evaluation has been very positive indeed but has also given us much food for thought as already our planning begins for next year.

Some of our long-standing chaplaincy members retired this year and reflected at conference on their experience, sharing wise words and grateful thanks. It was especially good to have Bob Whorton as our chaplain, bringing his unique offering of spiritual care.

Personally, it was overwhelming to be on the receiving end of such support and kindness. I feel honoured to be representing AHPCC for a further 3 years in the presidential role. We welcome to the executive our new members, Liz Maitland, Andrew Martin, Leon……and Doreen…….

It was also disappointing to miss the European Network of Healthcare Chaplains conference in Belgium, but David Buck and Margery Collin represented AHPCC. Margery is now part of the steering group. Please look at the ENHCC website for information about the event. As you are aware AHPCC is committed to being part of the ERICH research led by Austyn Snowden and those conversations are beginning to take place.  Thank you to those hospices who will be taking part in the PROM research and we hope to have an update at next year’s conference.

When the executive met in July, we had a significant discussion about the current website. We agreed that this is an essential tool for the organisation but, like all websites, needs constant attention and refreshment. We are looking at ways of keeping the website up to date with current content that is useful for our membership. This is a request, therefore, to you for information, resources, examples of services, recommendations for books and articles etc. One of the most common requests from members is for resources to be shared, so please share away! Gary Windon is currently managing the website but has limited time available to update quickly. However, we will look forward to receiving your responses to this request and hopefully they can be shared in due course.

The executive is aware that there is an ebb and flow to chaplaincy personnel. If there is a change of chaplain at your hospice, please inform the executive so that we can be in touch and encourage new chaplains in post. In the meantime, I encourage all our member to maintain our place at the healthcare professional table, bringing our unique skills, knowledge and presence to the care of patients, families and our organisations.

Best wishes to everyone

Karen Murphy
AHPCC President

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