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Karen MurphyUKBHC Register: Accreditation by Professional Standards Authority

Dear Friends
Following the announcement from the UKBHC regarding the successful application to be accredited by the Professional Standards Authority, it seems helpful to offer a few words of explanation and encouragement regarding the impact of this on AHPCC members now and for the future.

This application has been a long time in the making since the UKBHC came into existence over 10 years ago. I remember sitting in a meeting with Tom Gordon, David Mitchell and others thinking about the implications for chaplains if accreditation ever came to pass. Derek Fraser has been Chair of UKBHC for some years. His total belief in the necessity for this process to go ahead has driven the board forward in submitting a hefty piece of paperwork on which many people have spent a considerable amount of time over the past two years. The fruits of their labour have been successful as you have read and we should be grateful to the UKBHC board members who have put in so much energy and commitment.

So what does this mean for chaplains? The press release spells out the implications clearly and I encourage all our members to join the UKBHC if you have not already done so. I recognise that it is possible for AHPCC members to be paying membership fees for several organisations ( e.g. CHCC, APSE) in addition to our own Association. Membership of UKBHC, however, is now likely to be the professional body that employers will consider to be most significant, as the parameters are recognisable alongside other professions. It will also, at a time when chaplaincy is under scrutiny, give reassurance to the public that chaplains are fully registered healthcare professionals, with all the safeguards that implies. At this stage membership and being on the professional register will remain voluntary, but I strongly urge people to consider membership as a positive step.

What is required of chaplains on membership of the register? In theory, this should make no further demands on chaplains as we should all be keeping an up to date record of CPD and be able to demonstrate our fitness to practice through various records we keep as routine. A requirement of being on the register means that our CPD record is submitted annually which allows for transparency as well as making us aware of any gaps to be considered for training.

I hope that this enables you to have a better understanding of how this affects you personally. Please get in touch with me or any one of the board members at UKBHC for further explanation.

With best wishes

Karen Murphy
AHPCC President

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