July 2019: Latest News

As we go into July, it’s not long before the schools break up for the long summer holiday, and many services and activities will also be looking forward to a well-earned break.  The ducklings in the photo are already time out from swimming in the Llangollen canal, but their mother (a yard away and just out of camera shot) wasn’t taking time off.  Likewise, the hospices and other healthcare services that we are part of, work continuously and responsively.

Spirituality is continuous too, but it isn’t unchanging.  From childhood when everything is new, to later on in life as we face a succession of changing circumstances, we are constantly challenged by how our beliefs and our understanding of ‘the way things are’, make sense of everything that life throws at us.    Sometimes our beliefs and values are a clear and powerful source of strength, guidance and hope, sometimes it takes some time to see how they relate to new situations, and sometimes they need considerable rethinking.
Spiritual care is as diverse as the people we seek to support in all the challenges that they face.

Research Requests

Professor Emma Tomalin, of the University of Leeds, is researching the availability of Sikh Chaplaincy Services in NHS hospitals and hospices. Please check out the information on our Research Page and help her if you can.  (Even if you don’t have access to Sikh Chaplaincy, a nil return will help to indicate the limits of availability.

Austyn Snowden and Iain Telfer are involved along with ERICH, the European Research Institute, and several UK hospices in trialling the Chaplaincy PROM (Performance Related Outcome Measures), a key piece of research that can provide a validated tool to demonstrate the effectiveness of chaplaincy provision.  As we have to justify our role within healthcare, this is well worth supporting.  Please check out the information which you can find both on last year’s and this year’s Conference pages, and the links on our Research Page.  Iain or Austyn are both very willing to talk to you about it.

AHPCC Vice-President at the NHS Confederation Summit

David Buck, our Vice-President, will open and close this month’s NHS Confederation Summit in Leeds (‘Promoting Excellence and Inclusive Pastoral, Spiritual and Religious Support for all without Exception’,).  He’s also providing a poetry workshop at the CHCC Annual Conference (‘Opening the Black Box’) in September.  If you’re going to either, say ‘hello’ to David!


Don’t forget to check out our Vacancies page, as we are quite often asked to publicise them. The number of posts advertised varies, of course.

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Whether you’ve worked in palliative care for years or you’re new in post, we hope you find this website helpful. We update it at least monthly, and alerts also appear via Facebook, especially when new vacancies are posted.  Contributions of articles and resources, etc are welcome.

PrayingIn your prayers today please remember the patients, staff and volunteers of Rachel House at Home Team, Inverness, Scotland

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