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Welcome to the AHPCC Website, a key resource for chaplains and anyone with an interest in spiritual palliative care.

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Mid-July 2014

Welcome again to the latest AHPCC update…

New on the site this month

The latest debate on assisted dying has just taken place in the House of Lords. There are some related articles which were published beforehand which cover some of the arguments, which you can find in the Media section of ‘Study and Policy’. Also in the Media Section is a useful article on Social Media security, “29 ways to take control of your social media”. While not primarily about palliative care, we do promote the use of our Facebook page, and this is a helpful guide to putting effective safeguards in place. Incidentally, if you tick the ‘Get Notifications’ when you ‘Like’ the AHPCC, you should get a notification every time there is an update to the website here. And in the ‘Study’ area, there is a section on the Liverpool Care Pathway. As well as the latest report posted earlier this month, there is now also a response from the CHCC that’s worth reading.

Membership fees

Don’t forget that membership is for the calendar year, although we allow an ample grace period for renewal. Memberships that haven’t been renewed have now expired. Application / renewal forms are available in both the ‘About us’ and ‘Contact us’ sections under ‘Join the AHPCC’. Please note the change of address, as we have a new treasurer.

Site maintenance

We try to keep this site up to date, but sometimes, the links we post expire for various reasons. If you find anything isn’t working properly, please do let us know and we can either get them working again or remove redundant links.

If you’re new to this website…

Whether you are experienced or new in post, we hope you find it helpful. Updates appear regularly.

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Mike Rattenbury, Editor

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