February 2020: Latest News

Healthcare isn’t alone in having changing fashions – not so long ago, it was CBT, lately it’s been Mindfulness; what will be the therapeutic discovery of the 20s? With the need to stay fresh in our approach its understandable, but it can be reminiscent of Toad’s “It’s the only thing”, and sideline previous training and experience.
My current reading is Chris Armstrong’s book on C.S. Lewis as a Medievalist, and I was struck by Lewis’s comment on ‘chronological snobbery’:
“The assumption that whatever has gone out of date is on that account discredited. You must find why it went out of date. Was it ever refuted (and if so, by whom, where, and how conclusively), or did it merely die away as fashions do? If the latter, this tells us nothing about its truth or falsehood. From seeing this, one passes to the realisation that our own age is also “a period”, and certainly has, like all periods, its own characteristic illusions.”
The book goes on to show that overlooked medieval wisdom actually has much of relevance to today’s concerns, but I also wonder how many useful ideas and relevant insights have fallen out of use in recent years, simply through going out of fashion.

Coming back to the present, we are now on with getting the Conference Publicity out. Watch out for notifications by email, on the Facebook page, and of course here on the website.
This month’s photo is a winter sunset on Loch Linnhe, near Fort William.

Conference Latest

We’ve just updated the Poster, with details of this year’s keynote speakers: Professor Max Watson (Hospice UK); Revd Suzanne Nockles (Art & Soul); and Dr Simon Harrison (President of the CHCC). Full details of their presentations will follow shortly:
Max Watson will be looking at ‘Communicating Spiritual Care – Exploration;
Suzanne Nockles will be looking at Communicating Spiritual Care – Expression (‘Art & Soul’);
and Simon Harrison will be covering ‘Communicating Spiritual Care – Delivery’.
There will also be the usual good range of workshops, as well as ‘snapshot’ presentatons from Dr Emma Harris, on ‘Diversity in End of Life Care’ and Ben Buddy Slack, ‘The Swansong Project’.

If you’re an AHPCC member, you should have had an email from Margery about this year’s Conference. If you’ve mislaid it, you can download the attachments here: the 2020 Conference Booking Form and the Treasurer’s Letter about Subs and Conference. It is important that we get the bookings sorted out in good time, to avoid making a heavy loss on any rooms that aren’t needed.

As usual, there will be a bookstall at the Conference in May. Carol Gully is organising this and is open to suggestions as to titles to include. If you have any recommendations, do let Carol know (by the end of March at the latest) at conferenceorganiser@ahpcc.org.uk

New Connections

Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care (SPPC)
Scotland’s healthcare is similar to the rest of the UK, but structured entirely separately. Scotland has its own NHS, and its own Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care (SPCC), in which the AHPCC is well represented. While the SPPC is concerned with all aspects of palliative care, spiritual care features quite often, and we’ll be publishing links to its bulletins, which are usually published monthly.
Faith in Older People (FiOP) is an Edinburgh-based charity that promotes spiritual care for older people. Much of its concern is for dementia and mental health; it also works actively to build links between healthcare services and faith communities, and runs regular training events. We’ll be publishing links to its bulletins, which usually appear every 6-8 weeks.
Links to both of these are now available on our UKBHC and Other Resources page. 19/02/2020

Fit for the 21st Century? Inclusion and Equality Report

The The Network for Pastoral, Spiritual, and Religious Care in Health (NPSRCH) has just published the Fit for the Twenty-First Century?, a report on Inclusion and Equality in NHS Chaplaincy Services. While the findings relate only to NHS England, but they will be of interest elsewhere in the UK, and also to hospices. While the report highlights significant inequalities in the provision of, access to, and recruitment and training for chaplaincy services, it is based on a different model of chaplaincy provision to ours.  While all the minorities welcomed the report, the Church of England refuses to endorse it, and the AHPCC will be preparing its own response soon. 12/02/2020


There’s a new vacancy just posted for West Midlands Hospice, Solihull. Don’t forget to check out our Vacancies page regularly, as we are quite often asked to publicise them. The number of posts advertised varies, of course. 06/02/2020

Retreat Centre

Bob Whorton was a hospice chaplain in Oxford, and served on the AHPCC Exec for number of years. He recently left to set up a retreat centre near Poitiers in France, along with his wife Sue. Currently, most of the retreats are indidually arranged – if you’re looking for somewhere a bit different for time out, why not check out his website at Les Jardins des Arts.
(NB that after Brexit there will be no change to travel arrangements in 2020 – you just need at least six months validity on your passport.) 30/01/2020

Research Request

Austyn Snowden and Iain Telfer are involved along with ERICH, the European Research Institute, and several UK hospices in trialling the Chaplaincy PROM (Performance Related Outcome Measures), a key piece of research that can provide a validated tool to demonstrate the effectiveness of chaplaincy provision. As we have to justify our role within healthcare, this is well worth supporting. Please check out the information which you can find both on last year’s and this year’s Conference pages, and the links on our Research Page. Iain or Austyn are both very willing to talk to you about it.

AHPCC Membership

Don’t forget to renew your membership (if you haven’t already done so), as it’s now due, and the 2020 form is available! If you wish to join the AHPCC, you can download the Membership Form here. Membership is for the calendar year, but applications received after October 1 will cover the new year.

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