September 2019: Latest News

As we approach Autumn, new programmes and initiatives will be starting as the schools resume and life generally settles down after the holidays, though ‘settling down’ might not be the best description of the current political climate! In providing spiritual care, change and uncertainty are among the challenges that we often face. There’s a theological question over whether life is cyclical or linear – the regular seasonal changes and Church Year that many follow, remind us of the cycles of life, while the stages we go through in life speak of something more linear – perhaps it’s a combination of both.

To keep you as up-to-date as possible, we try to add new items as soon as possible.  To improve access, we’ll be posting them on here in date order, along with with the date of posting.  Normally these will remain on the home page till the end of the next month before being removed.

Thid month’s photo is of a crossroads between two of Prince Edward Island’s iconic red dirt roads in early September – autumn comes on both sides of the Atlantic.  I’ll leave any symbolism to you!

UKBHC Newsletters

The summer edition of the UKBHC Newsletter is now available and you can access it here on our UKBHC and other Organisations page.  Please note that there is some significant new information about the requirements for joining the UKBHC if you are not already a member. 10/09/2019

UKBHC Engagement meeting

Tuesday 17th September 2019
The Board Room, Presbyterian Assembly Buildings/Spires Conference Centre, Fisherwick Place, Belfast BT1 6DW

10.30am UKBHC Board meeting
1.00-2.00pm Light Lunch
2.00-4.00pm Engagement event

All chaplains and those interested in chaplaincy are very welcome to attend for lunch and the engagement event.
For catering purposes please confirm your attendance and any special dietary needs by 9th September to the UKBHC Secretary, Rev Derek Johnston at –
As well as hearing updates on UKBHC and discussing registration and CPD issues, the afternoon is an opportunity to share about wider chaplaincy issues, concerns and hopes.  More information is avaliable on the UKBHC Website.  03/09/2019

Training Events

We’ve just posted details of a day conference in Chichester for October 16th – Facing death and bereavement: supporting people who have dementia.  Don’t forget to check our Training Events page from time to time to see what’s on; you might find just what you need to meet your training needs and fulful your CPD requirements. 29/08/2019

New Book published by AHPCC Member

One of our members, Rosie Deedes, has just had a book, ‘Into the Depths’, published by Sacristy Press. You can find out about it (and the discount offer!), on our Books and Reviews page. 21/08/2019

An Appeal from Tom Gordon

Tom was our president for some years until about 2010. Since then he’s written several books, and he’s currently now involved with the Iona Community. We don’t usually host fundraising appeals on this site, as we’re all involved with it where we work, but Iona has a significance that crosses most boundaries, and you might be interested to hear from Tom… You can access Tom’s Iona letter here. 20/08/2019

New President’s Letter from Karen

Karen, our President, has just posted her latest letter, which you’ll find in the ‘About us’ section. Please do note her comments about provisonal bookings! 02/08/2019

Research Request

Austyn Snowden and Iain Telfer are involved along with ERICH, the European Research Institute, and several UK hospices in trialling the Chaplaincy PROM (Performance Related Outcome Measures), a key piece of research that can provide a validated tool to demonstrate the effectiveness of chaplaincy provision. As we have to justify our role within healthcare, this is well worth supporting. Please check out the information which you can find both on last year’s and this year’s Conference pages, and the links on our Research Page. Iain or Austyn are both very willing to talk to you about it.


Don’t forget to check out our Vacancies page, as we are quite often asked to publicise them. The number of posts advertised varies, of course.

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PrayingIn your prayers today please remember the patients, staff and volunteers of John Taylor Hospice, Birmingham

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