August 2019: Latest News

It’s the holiday season, and many of us are enjoying a break. This month’s photo is Crocodile Rock, a natural outcrop (slightly enhanced) on the shore at Millport, a pleasant resort on Great Cumbrae, in the Firth of Clyde. And while we relax, it mght also be time to take stock and plan for the autumn…

We have a couple of new vacancies just come in, and a new training opportunity (see below) for Pastoral Supervision.
And if it’s been a while since you studied theology, you might not have had the option of studying Christian Spirituality, which is a relatively new theological discipline. For those of us coming from a Christian tradition*, and working in healthcare, it’s possible to be very familiar with different models of spiritual care, while not entirely aware of our own very rich heritage, a vast store of spiritual wisdom. Watch out for some recommended reading, and course availability soon.
*And what about that word ‘tradition’? It’s now often used to describe something that has become so detached from its origins that it has lost its meaning, and only continues out of habit. Yet the original definition was quite the opposite – of something powerful enough to reach and influence people beyond its own time and place of origin.

New Book published by AHPCC Member

One of our members, Rosie Deedes, has just had a book, ‘Into the Depths’, published by Sacristy Press. You can find out about it (and the discount offer!), on our Books and Reviews page. 21/08/2019

An Appeal from Tom Gordon

Tom was our president for some years until about 2010. Since then he’s written several books, and he’s currently now involved with the Iona Community. We don’t usually host fundraising appeals on this site, as we’re all involved with it where we work, but Iona has a significance that crosses most boundaries, and you might be interested to hear from Tom… You can access Tom’s Iona letter here. 20/08/2019

New Letter from Karen

Karen, our President, has just posted her latest letter, which you’ll find in the ‘About us’ section. Please do note her comments about provisonal bookings! 02/08/2019

Pastoral Counselling Qualification

The Institute of Pastoral Counselling and Supervision (Nottingham) is offering a Professional Certificate in Pastoral Supervision, a one-year course starting this autumn at the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute. This is approved by APSE and the local C of E Diocese, and an effective qualification if you are considering a role in providing pastoral supervision. You can access more information through the SPTI website, or from their course brochure. 30/07/2019

Research Request

Austyn Snowden and Iain Telfer are involved along with ERICH, the European Research Institute, and several UK hospices in trialling the Chaplaincy PROM (Performance Related Outcome Measures), a key piece of research that can provide a validated tool to demonstrate the effectiveness of chaplaincy provision. As we have to justify our role within healthcare, this is well worth supporting. Please check out the information which you can find both on last year’s and this year’s Conference pages, and the links on our Research Page. Iain or Austyn are both very willing to talk to you about it.


Don’t forget to check out our Vacancies page, as we are quite often asked to publicise them. The number of posts advertised varies, of course.

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Whether you’ve worked in palliative care for years or you’re new in post, we hope you find this website helpful. We update it at least monthly, and alerts also appear via Facebook, especially when new vacancies are posted.  Contributions of articles and resources, etc are welcome.

PrayingIn your prayers today please remember the patients, staff and volunteers of Rushymead Hospice Day Care Centre, Amersham, Bucks

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