February 2017

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Death, Dying and Disposal conference – call for papers

September 2017 will see the next of these conferences, which this year takes as its theme Ritual Religion and Magic. There is a call for papers for the conference, submission deadline is the end of February. See this website for details.

St Christopher’s Hospice 50th Anniversary
This year is a very significant one for St Christopher’s, and by extension to all hospices. They are hosting a number of events over the year and some details can be found here. Further information will be posted on the Training Events pages throughout the year.

Membership for 2017
Please NB that you can now renew your annual membership for 2017. Renewals and new membership applications are now both valid until December 31st, 2017. You can access the membership form here, [2017 Membership Form] or by going to the Contacts and Links section.


Other recent updates

All-party Parliamentary Group on Faith and Society
Following a volatile year in the UK, this all-party group has made a statement of hope, see here for more details.

Ambitions for End of Life Care
There are two new publications relating to this:
National Palliative and End of Life Care Partnership (2016) ‘Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care: A national framework for local action 2015-2020′ and
NCPC (2016) ‘Each community is prepared to help: Community Development in End of Life Care – Guidance on Ambition Six’
You can access both of these via the ‘Ambitions for end of Life Care’ part of our Key Documents section.

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In your prayers today please remember all the patients, staff and volunteers of St Luke’s Hospice, Plymouth

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